Enter To Win

Our first giveaway

To introduce HexHider to the world we gave away a guitar .. but not just any guitar.  A 2019 Charvel Pro Stock Relic!  (with a Charvel hardshell case)

We've had the pleasure of playing this guitar and it sounds and feels amazing. It was hard to ship it to @danwilhite its new owner. 

We are working on our next giveaway now.  Another Floyd equipped guitar. Stay tuned.

We started this company to make cool gear, buy cool guitars and then give the guitars away to our fellow musicians.  [Don't tell our wives.

Sound fun? How do you enter? Well, we're still figuring it out but here are some ideas.

Good: Use #HexHider on your social pages.  Our tracking system is up and running and we will find you if you post.
Better: Sign up for email. Or maybe get a HexHider, and tell your guitar buddies about it.
Best: Get a HexHider, put it on your guitar, and post a picture with #HexHider in the post.  Maybe gift one to a buddy, the holidays are coming.

Giveaway FAQs

Can I enter if I'm not in the US?  Yes!  We want to connect with musicians from all over the world. 

We use a points system so that the people who help them most, have the best chance to win.  Something like this:

  • 1 entry for posting something nice about #HexHider. Or liking @HexHider or @smallstageco; any social stuff helps and we'll find you; we are good with software.
  • 10 entries for signing up for the email news letter.  (see the footer below)
  • 15 entries for every HexHider you buy.  Yup, a 4 pack is worth 60 entries.
  • 20 entries for every photo you post online with your guitar and your HexHider with the hashtag #HexHider in the post.

Rules: Yes! We definitely have contest rules. Our lawyers should be working on that right now.  We'll post them as soon as we have them.  They will be many pages long and have lots of multi-syllable words.  Fun! 

Until then, if you fear giveaways without defined rules, DO NOT enter.  If you don't care and just want a shot at winning, then go ahead and enter.  We've got your back.   

Oh LOOK!!! How cool. An email entry box right below in the footer.  How cool is that? #WINNING

Enter to win gear

We are giving away gear!! Why?  Because we want to!!! 

[Don't tell our wives.]