CableCup Pick



CableCups are a great way to store your picks and connect your cable to any surface securely and safely.

The CableCup Pick shape has the utility of holding your picks and cables, in that familiar pick shape that reminds you about it's job. 

CableCups Features:
  • Micro-suction bottom holds it down on smooth or textures surfaces, it's like a magnet for Tolex and table tops 🧲
  • Removable and reusable ♽
  • Made of soft and safe silicone 
  • Made to collect a frosty beverage's sweat during  those hot jams
  • 2 Cable slots that hold your cable 

  • Optional:  Want a REALLY strong grip?  Get our optional Nanotape dots, which grab like geckos, but are 100% removable since they don't use sticky glues

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