Meet HexHider

The first hex tool built for guitars

WTF? (What's that for?)

What is a HexHider® you ask? It is a new tool designed for guitars with locking trems.  It allows you to keep a 3mm hex wrench handy on all your locking trem guitars. (a.k.a. Floyds)

Why do I want a guitar specific hex tool?  When your fine tuners are out of turns, or when you break a string, it's great to have a hex wrench right where it needs to be, with your guitar. 

So how is it different?  Our patented design, with its powerful magnet and unique shape, allows it to attach securely to the back of your guitar's tuners. Not only does the magnet hold the tool on the guitar when you're not using it, it also holds the wrench in the bolt magnetically when you ARE using the tool.  Cool. 

"L" is for losing.  Standard "L" shaped hex wrenches fall out too easily, so they get set aside, left in your case, or just misplaced. "L" wrenches are perfect tools for a lot of things ... but guitars isn't one of them.


Stays on your headstock so it's ready when you need it


Why I made a guitar optimized hex

ready. set. reset.

Get a HexHider and make your Floyds easy

48 seconds of attraction

The HexHider's Neodymium magnet in action

[with headbanging test] 

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Lifetime Warranty

if it ever breaks or strips. We'll replace it.

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