HexHider FAQs

  • Will it affect my tone? Nope.
  • Does it work clockwise?  Yes.
  • Does it work counterclockwise? Yes.
  • Does it work internationally? Yes.
  • Does it come in black? None more black.
  • Any other colors?  We also sell it as Midnight, Onyx, Space, Darkness, Goth, Shadow, Tar, Ebony, Jet, Ink, Super Dark and Black Hole Sun. You can decide what you want to call it.  We may do "glow in the dark" green someday, but not for a while. 
  • What is Neodymium? It’s a “rare earth” material that has very high magnetic density.  Small and powerful, like a half-stack.
  • Does it work with all locking trems known to man?  Nope, but almost. Old Kahlers use a 3/32" hex, ours is 3mm.  A lot of Kahlers don't use a locking nut, so it's a small amount of guitars.  With Floyds, Ibanez and all the copy-cat Floyds it works.  By our guess, that's about 99.9999% of all guitars with locking trems. 
  • Can I head-bang with a HexHider?  Yes.  We’ve done a dizzying amount of headbanging testing.  Not a single HexHider fell off a guitar in our testing.  Luckily, we've had many customers confirm our testing according to the very unscientific Instagram posts study we've been doing lately.
  • Is an Allen wrench and a hex wrench the same thing?  Yes. 
    • Who is "Allen" and is he rich?  It's a mystery to us.

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