About us

SmallStage? Yeahhh.

    SmallStage is a company made up of friends who like to build music gear. All we're hoping for from this company is to use any gains we may make to buy more gear. Yup, you read that right.  

    We've all built a lot of cool things over the years.  Amps. Guitars. Pedals. Pickups. Robots. Apps. Furniture. ... and a whole lot more.  And we did it all for fun. Some people like to go fishing on the weekend, we like to build.  Spoiler alert! There's quite a bit coming. We've been at this for years.

    Now, we want to share the best of what we've developed with other musicians who like our builds.  In our day jobs we have built some of the highest quality, high volume consumer products in the world ... so rest assured, we know what we're doing. 

    We still have our day jobs.  We're not trying to retire because of this business.  Not. Even. Close.  SmallStage, and the products we make, are a labor of love.  We are builders. We are musicians. We need an outlet.  SmallStage is our outlet.  

    Our goals are simple:

    1) Make gear that is unique and helpful to musicians
    2) Build quality gear that we are proud to put our names on
    3) Run gear giveaways and get our gear (and other gear) to our customers' 
    3a) Then buy new gear to give away ... so we can test at our gigs ... for R&D reasons of course. :o] 

    Keep it small, make cool gear, and put money into giveaways.  Sounds like fun, right?  Let's do it.  And for the record, this is not just some clever way to play with more gear.  \m/

    Enter to win gear

    We are giving away gear!! Why?  Because we want to!!! 

    [Don't tell our wives.]