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CableCup™ S-Type + T-Type Bundle

CableCup™ S-Type + T-Type Bundle

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Save!  A Bundle. 

Place your picks and clip your cable to any amp or desktop securely and safely.

This bundle gets you both the Stratocaster® and Telecaster® body shapes. 

The CableCup is great for musicians and this bundle gets you both famous body shapes. 

Cable Cups Features:
  • Micro-suction bottom holds it down on smooth or textured surfaces; it's like a magnet for Tolex and table tops 🧲
  • Removable and reusable ♽
  • Made of soft and safe flexible silicone 💪
  • Cable slots that hold your cable in place 🗜️
  • A great place to put a frosty beverage 🥛
  • NOTE:  If your Micro-suction ever loses it's grip, there is a simple fix, clean out all dust and dirt by washing it in warm water and let it dry.  
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    • CableCups™

      Perfect pick place and cable controlling catch and a sweaty soda stopper too.

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