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HexHider® 4-pack

HexHider® 4-pack

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HexHider - 4 Pack

  • Designed for easy fine tuner resets and quick string changes.
  • Works with all authentic Floyd Rose Tremolos and many licensed versions.
  • Uses a powerful Neodymium magnet for secure hold and easy storage.
  • Stays attached even during head banging stage sessions.
  • Includes a 2.5mm wrench.
  • Lifetime Warranty - if it ever breaks, we'll replace it, we've got your back.

Please Note:

  • May have reduced grip on Aluminum machine heads - fine for use at home, but we recommend storing it in the case during gigs for those rare guitars that use Aluminum machine heads.
  • Our hex steel is intentionally softer than Floyd Rose bolts to prevent snapping off a bolt head.  We don't want you breaking off the bolt head accidentally by exerting too much force.

Pro Tip:

  • For best results, tighten bolts until snug, then give a 1/4 turn. 

Patented:  US10777173B1

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  • HexHider®

    A patented magnetic hex tool for making life with a Floyd Rose equipped guitar as easy as any other

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